Logiztik.Alliance Group present the new Alliance Cloud interface, focused on

facilitating the experience of our users.

Alliance Cloud 360 has a modern and renewed design that allows us to give you
the information about your shipments in one place, designed for a better and
more efficient logistics experience.

Benefits to our clients

We are constantly innovating to meet the needs of our customers; with our new
interface, you will find all information about your shipments on one screen, by
providing the information about shipments, starting from the booking
request until the cargo’s arrival to its final destination.

This interface will help you more easily manage your shipments and have a more
seamless experience.


Cleaner and modern interface, to give you the best user experience.


Clear and intuitive information on the same screen, providing a 360 view


360 experiences, you will be able to view the reservation of your shipments until the delivery of your cargo.


Quick view and search
of yourshipments
Information about
sub - clients details
PODs query module
(only applies to Miami customer)
Advance search by varius criteria
Complete shipping information:
route parts and state



If you are looking for a training with a Customer Service Executive


If you don’t have your credentials to enter the system

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments to

360 experience



In the first step toward our 360-user experience, it starts with your complete shipment information on a single screen.



Logiztik Alliance Group is focused on innovation, so we seek to improve the technological system, delivering the best service to our customers and providing them with the best tools for handling their cargo.



Our vision is to make users autonomous clients within the module, with selfservice spaces featuring the latest technology.